Knowledge Management or Information Management?

This is why I used my first website (an HTML class project) to describe the differences between IM, KM, and also CM (content management). I added OL (organizational learning) to the mix because my employer at the time rebranded its KM program to OL in order to capture a more robust definition. Sometimes I think the IT professionals have taken over KM by focusing on the systems. It’s time for us to work together on the holistic approach. KM is a strategy with process to design and implement with human and technology systems.

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Indeed, knowledge is power, more reason why some organizations, countries or cultures hoard knowledge. However, this hoarding comes with consequences. Consequences like, what happens when the employee with the expertise knowledge leave the organization? What happens when the something happens to the person(s) with the key knowledge on how the culture, country or organization should work? This simple reason(s) form one of the foundations for information and knowledge management.

In the article “Understanding the difference between Information Management (IM) and Knowledge Management (KM)”, Terra and Angeloni set out to discuss the differences and similarities that exist between IM and KM and how the disciplines intersect. Besides emphasizing and analyzing the risks involved in Knowledge Management projects not taking into consideration these differences, the authors argued that KM thrives on the integration of many disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, sociology, management and economics that until recently did not cross paths. That is,

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