Rutgers SC&I Colloquium presents ‘Troubled Times, Tough Choices: Tales from Ferguson and Baltimore’

I met and heard Scott Bonner’s story during the ALA conference soon after the Ferguson, MO unrest. As timing would have it, the unrest in Baltimore hadn’t taken place yet. Who would think another librarian leader would also have to make the same type of difficult decision so soon. Kudos to both Mr. Bonner and Dr.Hayden for being such courageous leaders. Clearly the patrons of their facilities have great resources in them and their staff.

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On 14th October 2015, Rutgers School of Communication and Information hosted a colloquium called ‘Troubled Times, Tough Choices: Tales from Ferguson and Baltimore’, with speakers Dr. Carla Hayden, CEO of Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, and Scott Bonner, Director of the Ferguson Municipal Library in Ferguson, Missouri. Both of these libraries are located in places where civil unrest has affected their communities within the last eighteen months; both libraries stayed upon for the duration of the unrest. The theme of the talk was the role of public libraries in the realm of social justice.

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4 thoughts on “Rutgers SC&I Colloquium presents ‘Troubled Times, Tough Choices: Tales from Ferguson and Baltimore’

  1. Valeria -thank you for re-blogging this: I’m not sure if I would have come across it any other way. Around the time of the 2015 Thanksgiving holidays “All in With Chris Hayes” (on MSNBC) asked some commentators about things they were thankful for and Jelani Cobb said “the public library system.” I’ve been thinking about this topic ever since and this piece brings up things I never considered.

    1. What I didn’t mention in the reblog was that I took the Advanced Reference class during my MLIS and it was a year or so after the Ferguson disturbance but before Baltimore. The first assignment was to share a Digital Humanities program we knew (or discovered). As you know, humanities isn’t my strong point (it’s why I have friends like you!) so I was happy to share The Historymakers Program and call it a day (I do love that program). But as usual a day before the assignment was due I learned of the call for Ferguson photographs and digital images from my MBA Alma Mater, Washington University in St. Louis and I was so proud of their realization of the importance and desire to capture actual current imformation for potential future study and historical significance. It’s hard to know when a significant event is happening in the moment. Of course I created a second assignment. The Wash U digital archive is called Documenting Ferguson. Take a look! I think it’s a shame that I only learned about what public and academic (and special libraries that are open to the public) have to enrich all of our lives because I pursued a MLIS. But that’s another blog post.

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