We covered data visualization in one of the last modules of my Assessment and Evaluation course (LIS 793). I would say becoming comfortable with data visualization is critical to Assessment Librarians as well as other roles (for selecting important data and presenting it) and for library leaders to review, understand the messages inherent in the data, and make and make good decisions based on the data.


Public-facing Live Library Stats at the Traverse Area District Library Public-facing live library stats at the Traverse Area District Library

So you know that you want to be a librarian, but have you thought about specializing in a certainĀ field? Maybe you have an interest in emerging technologies or you want to work with researchers and students across the disciplines? Data visualization is a hot topic in librarianship, and specializations in data analytics and visualization is an exciting area of growth in the profession. I sat down with four visualization specialists who work within the University of Michigan Library system to get an idea of what their jobs entail.

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