MLIS Classes: Knowledge Management in Organizations

I took a KM class in my MLIS program and have worked in KM for 9 years at a major oil/gas company. I initially managed a Community of Practice and later had the more comprehensive role of Organizational Learning Lead.

It’s my experience that the opportunities are behavioural and cultural vs tools and document storage repositories. At the recent SLA Annual Conference I saw several vendors offering excellent tools, but less discussion about implementation and measuring value by the enterprises that undertake a KM approach. I believe we need at least equal attention to both parts of the process, and I’ve observed that even the best tools don’t solve the problem if people don’t utilize them appropriately.

Banked Turns & Boolean

Out of all the MLIS classes I’ve taken so far, Knowledge Management is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. It’s one of the core modules for the Knowledge Management specialization and it consisted of a two and a half hour seminar once a week, which was reduced to around two hours part-way through the semester. This was because we had a small class of only 5 students (and usually there was at least one person absent), so we did not need that much time to cover all the material. This itself is an example of two things that were great about this class – one, the group was small, which meant that we all had the time to contribute, and two, the instructor was responsive and flexible.

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