MLIS classes: Introduction to Library and Information Professions

Interesting core “course” at Rutgers GSLIS. Especially if it’s required in the first semester. I wonder if student answers change over the course of their matriculation.  For question one mine did!

  1. I chose my program because it had a certificate in KM and I was a knowledge manager at a large company looking to beef up my credentials. As I’m approaching graduation in 6 weeks, I will instead retire a week after graduation and am pursuing a traditional academic library role. I would have never had that in mind in my first semester.
  2. Looking for Advanced KM and something about Information Governance for the KM Certificate. Also missed taking Competitive Intelligence, and plan to audit after graduation. Now I would like to have more User Instruction and Collection Development, and I guess our Academic Libraries course would have been nice.
  3. I would have had no idea how important an online presence is during my first semester. However, I now have a busy Twitter feed (follow me @KnowMgr_Hunter), this blog (ok, it could be more focused), my personal blog at and my ePortfolio (now complete and being graded at
  4. No clue here either at semester one. But over time I’ve joined and been an officer in our student association DULISSA, ALA (and attended national Conf in 2013 and Midwinter Conf in 2015), SLA (and written a guest column in their Information Outlook magazine, ILA, and am the new secretary in KM Chicago.
  5. Ok, I did think about this immediately! Good thing too because I’ve experienced more CMS than I care to remember. If I didn’t keep my own file LIBRARY, it would have been very difficult to pull the ePortfolio together. I backed everything up to the school personal drive, to my own computer filing system, and to Dropbox (my personal favorite cloud service – free!)
  6. My final thoughts? Enjoy school, get out and meet people, network, volunteer somewhere, and don’t decide too early what you want to do unless you’re comfortable with changing your mind.

Thanks for sharing your class with us!

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Introduction to Library and Information Professions is one of the three classes which Rutgers requires every MLIS student to take. Why did I not write about this class first? Because it’s not really a class. The only requirement is that six questions are answered and handed in before the end of the semester; there is no physical class to attend and no grade is given at the end.

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3 thoughts on “MLIS classes: Introduction to Library and Information Professions

  1. No problem, thank you for the reblog! It was interesting to read your perspective with regard to those 6 questions at this point in your career.

    1. I’m graduating in May so it was very nice for you to share them so I could think back over the years I’ve been working on my MLIS. Our ePortfolios have a required reflective essay and that’s how I approached it. What was my intention at the start of the program and how do I feel now at the end. Your questions help focus those thoughts. Thanks for your blog (especially since reblogging your content is helping me create content for mine!) I look forward to reading your next entries.

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