Buzzfeed & Facebook in Infolit Sessions: Connecting What Students Use to Library Research

Love this method for meeting people where they are! Whenever I hear, “Studies show…” I get that funny feeling, what studies? Not everyone does though. I want to show them the alternative studies. Or at least the authors and funding sources of these studies.

Mr. Library Dude

I try to do all the right information literacy “stuff”: active learning, hands-on work, positive attitude, etc… I also make sure I’m prepped for class at least a day before. Yesterday, I decided to throw my lesson plan in the garbage.

The professor emailed me late: Students have been gathering sources from Facebook and blogs and not evaluating what they find. Probably not a big shock to most librarians, but the professor was concerned.

The assignment:
Two sections of an introductory 100-level psychology course work in groups to gather five scholarly, empirical research articles on a topic. The group writes a review of the articles and posts it on a course website.

A new lesson plan:
Why go right to the databases? Instead, start where students are most comfortable and then transition them to more authoritative sources. I can talk until I’m blue in the face about databases, but most…

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