MLIS classes: Information Technologies for Libraries and Information Agencies

Great summary of GSLIS Technology course at Rutgers. At Dominican University we have two electives: LIS 753 is Intro to HTML and CSS. You can see my assignments at and my final project at (Other GSLIS courses that required web-designed projects are also linked on the assignments webpage.)

We also have an Advanced Web course that I haven’t taken, so I’ll be back with some information about it after I audit it.

What do you think about learning these skills when tools like WordPress and Tumblr can be used to develop full websites without such detailed knowledge of “blank page” design?

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As well as the ongoing discussions about the value of the Master’s in librarianship, another topic which is often written about online and talked about at conferences is the value of tech skills for the modern librarian. My personal view is that it’s better for me to take the opportunity to learn tech skills while I can, because at this point I don’t know which ones I’m going to need. If you’re a current or recent graduate of LIS, which tech classes did you take when completing your MLIS? Have you been able to use the skills you learned? Do you wish you’d learned something else which you now need?

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  1. Hey, thanks for the reblog! To answer your question, I think it’s comparable to learning a spoken language, where in the end you have the skills to improvise and construct something from scratch, versus learning the phrases in a language phrasebook, which offer the learner less flexibility as they can only be used in certain ways.

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